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Market Your Business on Smart Phones

Mobile Apps By Apptura

Reach Customers on Mobile Devices

Provide your customers with ease, convenience, and control with your very own mobile app.





Apptura Mobile Apps for Small Business

Simplified Communication

Making it Easy for Your Customers to Reach Out

One-Touch Dialer

Minimize hassles, provide ease and convenience for customers with one-touch dialing.

Event Calendar

Inform customers about upcoming business or networking events directly on their mobile device. Works Great for Seminars and Fitness Trainers!







Mobile App Development by Apptura

Produce Raving Fans

With Integrated Social Media

Fan Wall - Promote Your Brand!

Give customers the ability to discuss your business, increase brand awareness, and stimulate buying decisions with your very own fan wall.

Tell-A-Friend - Go Viral!

Promote and share business information by Email, Facebook, Twitter, or SMS text message.

Free Business Essentials Mobile App*

Beyond Anything You'd Ever Expect

1. Business Information

Provide customers with business information with your very own mobile app.

3. Geolocator

Give your customers turn-by-turn directions with GPS navigation.

2. One-Touch Dialing

Eliminate hassles and fustrations for customers using outdated Web sites with easy one-touch dialing.

4. Fan Wall

Generate buzz with Apptura's Fan Wall feature.

*Monthly app hosting fees and terms apply. Custom designs and splash screens not included. No feature substitutions allowed.

Custom Designs for Maximum Impact

Improve Your Business Image


Make your brand remarkable, be distinct from others.


Provide a consistent representation of your brand or company image.

Mobile App Development by Apptura


Show your customers how professional you can really be.

The WOW! Factor

Impress customers with a more visually stimulating design.


Discover How a Mobile App Can Help Your Business

Apptura Provides Mobile Apps that are Smart and Affordable for Small Business

  • Why a Mobile App?

    Mobile devices outnumber desktop computers three to one while the demand for mobile app downloads is increasing on a daily basis. By 2014, mobile Web browsing is expected to surpass desktop Web browsing. Currently, over three billion mobile apps have been downloaded from Apple's App Store and the Android Market.

    Effectiveness: Statistics indicate mobile marketing campaigns prove to be 10% more effective than other forms of marketing.

    Higher Redemption Rates: Mobile coupons and "check-in" rewards have a coupon-to-customer redemption rate of up to 70% in contrast to lower rates associated with direct mail coupons and other direct mail campaigns.

    Preferred by Customers: Nearly 77% of mobile consumers prefer to receive promotional messages on mobile devices rather than receiving telemarketing calls or junk mail.

    Cost Savings: No print costs, discount minimums, design charges, material or postage fees. No wasted paper products. Eco-friendly, Go GREEN!

    Rapid Speed-to-Sale: Market to customers both quick and direct. Plan, create and deploy campaigns within hours. Immediately produce increased foot-traffic, faster sell-through rates, and quicker product turnover.

    -Sources: MobiThinking, TechCrunch, Microsoft Tag, PC Magazine,, Forbes, SD Marketing, Publishing Perspectives, Wall Street Journal, and Other Anonymous Sources.

    Better for Branding

    Because of intense competition, branding your business is more important now than ever. Just because your not a Fortune 500 company, doesn't mean you can't look like one. Custom designs can help you demonstrate how professional you can really be.

    The good news, Apptura creates stellar mobile app designs to enhance your business image. Make your brand remarkable and attractive; leave your customers with a positive long-lasting impression about your business.

  • Mobile Apps are Easier for Customers to Use

    To be competitive, small businesses need to foster an effective mobile marketing strategy to provide customers with a positive mobile computing experience. Apptura builds mobile apps that are intuitive and easy-to-use for your customers.

    Gain a Competitive Advantage

    While other companies waste marketing dollars on less than effective advertising which yields lower than expected results, a mobile app opens a two-way communication channel between a business and its customers.

    Send discounts in an instant with "in-app" push notifications, use native image galleries to showcase product and service offerings, offer QR "Quick Response" coupons, provide GPS "check-in" rewards, and more.

    Broadcast your business by leveraging powerful social networks like Facebook™, Twitter™, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

    Increased Sales

    Statistics indicate mobile marketing campaigns can help increase sales over 10%.

    Mobile coupons have higher coupon-to-customer redemption rates over paper coupons.

  • Mobile App Reach and Distribution

    Customers on the go want information quick and easy. Apptura's mobile apps are self-contained, loaded with features, and developed for iPhone, Android, HTML5, iPad, and other tablets. Extend your reach, maximize distribution, and communicate with more customers who use a variety of mobile devices and tablets.

    Free Mobile App for Small Business*

    For businesses with smaller needs, Apptura offers a FREE Business Essentials* Mobile App. It's everything you need to develop a mobile presence. Take advantage of all the great benefits and positive impacts a mobile app can have on your business by scheduling a meeting today.

    Fast Mobile App Construction

    The average time it takes other specialized firms to deploy a mobile app is five (5) months. With our systematic deployment lifecycle and revolutionary mobile app development platform, we can have a fully-functional mobile app up and running in a fraction of the time it takes other companies.

    Whether you're a restaurant, fitness studio, gym, retailer, government contractor, health and wellness center, bar or night club, hotel, realtor, insurance, mortgage company, or law firm, you can trust Apptura to get the job done on time while maintaining a high-level of service.

    Our systematic deployment lifecycle is structured-around assessing needs, setting expectations, project planning, production, and mobile app deployment.

  • Provides a Positive Experience for Customers

    Many small businesses have a basic Web. Over 90% of large companies use mobile app technologies to make products and services available to customers. Many customers can get fustrated when pulling up a Web site that is not optimized for their mobile device. This is because desktop computing is not the same as mobile computing – large screen Web information is not formatted, viewed, or used in the same ways as small screen Web information.

    A mobile app eliminates outdated Web site incompatibilty issues and promotes a positive mobile computing experience for your customers.

    Affordable Options

    A survey of 96 mobile app developers suggests that the average cost to develop a mobile app was $6,453. An article on OS X Daily about iPhone Development Costs reported that the development cost range for a "small app" is $3,000 to $8,000 and that "more complex or larger brand apps" can cost anywhere from $50,000 to $150,000.

    -Source: AppMuse, 2011

    Recognizing the immediate need for affordable alternatives, Apptura provides four (4) affordable mobile app editions. Each edition is balanced to fit your needs relative to your budget. To find out more about our pricing options, schedule a meeting. We'll be more than happy to go over all the important features, positive impacts, and long-term benefits a mobile app can provide you and your customers.